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Mounted on monogamy? Avoidance predicts willingness to activate ( not real engagement) in consensual non-monogamy

Aims and hypotheses: Are accessory gender and insecurity connected to CNM?

You can find reasons why you should think that accessory insecurity may be differentially linked to attitudes about CNM versus engagement that is actual. For those who have never involved in CNM, accessory insecurity may are likely involved in attitudes and desire in terms of CNM. Especially, accessory anxiety is described as fixation regarding the option of one’s intimate partner and extreme intimate envy (Collins; Mikulincer, Gillath, & Shaver). Anxious people generally have obsessive issues with love and issues that their lovers will soon be “poached” (taken) by somebody else (Schachner & Shaver; Stephan & Bachman). As well as fretting about partner poaching, other trust-related dilemmas very anxious individuals might be preoccupied with include issues pertaining to sexually transmitted infections and paternity. These individuals tend to inhibit their own sexual needs and default to their partner’s preferences (see Birnbaum, for a review) although anxious individuals tend to rely on sex as a route for obtaining security and love needs.