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FAQ Sorting Out Romantic vs Sexual Emotions

By Teen Wellness Supply

Q I’m (M) in a relationship that is loving my boyfriend (M), but lately I’ve been experiencing drawn to a mutual friend (F). Now we don’t wish to have intercourse together with her (and we nevertheless want intercourse with my boyfriend), but personally i think like we may love her. Performs this mean I’m bisexual?

It is a question that is really common reach Teen Health supply, and there’s no body clear response we are able to provide. But let’s see when we can unpack a number of the stuff you’re mentioning right here.

Labels like “Straight” or “Bi” or “Gay” are pretty ways that are common generalize exactly how attraction works in a relationship, but as your question shows, they don’t constantly completely capture the nuances of how exactly we realize and function with our intimate and intimate tourist attractions towards individuals. Lots of people ch se to make clear distinctions between what kinds of individuals attract them emotionally and what forms of individuals turn them on sexually.