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(this is certainly my submission to your January Carnival of Aces, which can be on the subject of nontraditional relationships and polyamory. You t can submit!)

We see plenty of articles from sex-repulsed young aces who will be frightened that, they will die alone and unloved because they are unable or unwilling to compromise in sexual relationships. Even though there are numerous resources into the asexual community for aces in blended (sexual) relationships, as metapianycist described recently, there clearly wasn’t much available to you for aces who only want nonsexual relationships.

The possible lack of resources for those who want nonsexual relationships is strange, because in accordance with the outcomes of the 2011 Asexual Awareness Week Census, 65% of self-identified https://besthookupwebsites.org/sugar-daddies-usa/ca/los-angeles/ people that are asexual at least notably sex-repulsed (in comparison to 51% of grey-As and 39% of demis). Even though you only consider the percentages of participants who had been unwilling to own intercourse, that is 38% of aces, 11% of grey-As, and 4% of demis. Demonstrably we are in need of resources for nonsexual relationships as much as resources for mixed-orientation relationships that are sexual.

Thus I thought I would personally make a listing of opportunities for nonsexual relationships for sex-repulsed aces (and sometimes even for anybody, ace or perhaps not, whom prefers a nonsexual relationship to a sexual one).