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Solo Poly So I’ll begin determining how I’m utilizing certain terms in this blog…

What’s a main partner? Back at my terms

Polyamory certainly possesses language issue.

One of the primary items that anybody who’s a new comer to poly/open relationships notices is that people appear to have our personal language: primaries, metamours, compersion, etc. That’s because words have luggage which we must work particularly difficult to unpack.

Our society generally speaking acknowledges only some standard kinds of relationships, this means a lot of people when you look at the mainstream don’t lack for terms to explain and talk about their relationships. Frequently they don’t need certainly to explain to anybody exactly just what a“boyfriend or“wife”” means.

But relationships aren’t one-size-fits-all. Not relationships in mono tradition. Ever understood an individual who describes their intimate partner as his or her “girl/boyfriend” — but their partner will not view it like that at all? That’s what i am talking about.

Individuals have a tendency to slap labels that are simple relationships in the place of actually talk about the way they do and perceive the relationships they’re in.

Even Worse: usually we have a tendency to expect that other folks use relationship terms the same manner we do. Much drama results.

And this is the very very very first in a number of articles where I’ll determine a few of the terms i personally use in this web site, and exactly exactly just what *I* suggest by them.