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(4) hair ceremony that is combing

Hair combing ceremony is a tradition that symbolizes the coming of age and entry into adulthood of both the groom and bride. This ceremony is normally done the night time ahead of the wedding and occurs into the bride’s and groom’s particular houses. Before the real work of combing hair, both the wedding couple must first bathe in water with pomelo or pomegranate leaves to reduce the chances of evil spirits. After bathing, they turn into brand brand new clothes and placed on brand new room slippers. The bride must then sit down in a space dealing with the screen where in actuality the moon sometimes appears or perhaps in front side associated with the mirror, whilst the groom must stay dealing with the within of your home. A lady of great fortune should be the anyone to perform the combing ceremony. In the event that mothers associated with bride and groom qualify, they could perform the ceremony. Or even, often a family member may do this. Hair is combed four times, while these four lines are recited simultaneously:

May your wedding final an eternity May you be endowed by having a happy and harmonious wedding until later years May you be endowed with a good amount of kiddies and grandchildren May you be endowed with durability

Following this, the groom and bride must consume glutinous rice balls that symbolize they've a pleased, complete, and marriage that is lasting.

(5) The Bride Leaves Her own house to attend the Groom’s Home

Prior to the groom usually takes away their wife-to-be that is new has got to win approval through the bride’s family and friends. Thus, door games are done in contemporary weddings.