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Washer/Dryer hookups rehabbing a duplex that features no washer/dryer hookups. There are certainly storage rooms

Kevin Nichols

We've been currently rehabbing a duplex who may have no washer/dryer hookups. You will find storage rooms on the pipes that individuals can make use of and I also acquired an estimate around $900 to work pipes and electricity.

You actually have the drywall all the way down nearby the plumbing emergency wall structure.

Might it be truly worth it to provide this? Simple mate considers its another achievable problem having them.

These duplex models ought to go for $525 to $550 each month.

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Levels Closed

if laundromat aint going for walks travel time i'd almost certainly spend in-unit or a share wash space on principle.

when laundromat is actually going for walks distance i prevent the additional servicing for either washer dryer hookups or giving the machinery.

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Steve Olafson

Personally, I check for house that i will use washer/dryer hookups to.